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"Bar pizza is a type of pizza that is typically found in bars, pubs, and old-school restaurants mainly in New England and other parts of the Northeast. Unlike a traditional Neapolitan or New York-style pizza, a bar pie is usually small in size (typically 10 inches in diameter) and cooked in a pan."(

Spencer's Pizza makes perfectly cooked bar and Sicilian style pizzas. The dough is made fresh daily with all natural ingredients- no GMOs, no sugar, no colorings. Spencer's signature sauce is made with organically grown tomatoes. The blend of 100% real cheeses is shredded weekly in-house. We use only 100% ground beef, sirloin shaved steak, and fresh chicken tenders and chicken breast that we prepare and cook ourselves. Only fresh baked bread is used for our premium subs, and we make our own soups and chili too!  We have been making pizza for over 25 years. Let our passion for pizza and quality food serve you.  

We strive for A+ customer service and cleanliness!


Feedback is appreciated. For questions about orders, please call us at 781. 871. 2823 

Thank you for your business. 


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